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Featured: Reasons why relationships end

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Why do relationships fail? Here are some reasons

I do not seem to understand why relationships in recent times do not last long despite the fact that modernity and technology has provided very easy means of communication between individuals. Based on research and personal experiences, this article contain few reasons why healthy relationships end.
The most common reason why a relationship may not end up as marriage is the disapproval of the couples family over their relationship. In Africa, most parents set relationship rules for their children. For example, ” Akosua, make sure you do not bring a guy from this particular tribe into this house ” or ” Kojo, we do not want you to marry from this family “. With these restrictions, you would be forced to break up with your partner even though you have come a long way. This is because it is our parents who perform marriage rites and therefore if you go against their rules, the relationship would not reach the level of marriage.
Cheating, is said not to be reason enough to dissolve a relationship. But after one partner is caught cheating in a relationship, the relationship will never be as it was before. Cheating breaks the trust bond in a relationship. The partner who was cheated on would hate his or her cheating partner even if he or she claims to have forgiven that act. After trust is broken, love fades away, then eventually the relationship ends.
One of the most painful reason why relationships end is death or health issues. Science has proven that certain people with certain blood types are not supposed to marry others with the same or other blood types. After so many years of being in a relationship and it is later discovered that you cannot get married to your partner due to this unfortunate situation called health risk. What in the world could be more painful than such bad news?
One popular proverb in Twi ” Ahuofe de wo b3k) nanso suban de wo b3 ba ” which in English means ” Beauty will lead you into a relationship or marriage, but a bad behavior will bring you back to the house of your parents ” explains very well how important ones behavior is in sustaining a relationship or marriage. Bad behavior from one or both couples such as beating your wife or husband, drinking of alcohol and smoking, the use of filthy and cheeky words can easily break up a relationship. Every individual in a relationship expects maximum respect from his or her spouse, therefore putting up a bad behavior makes your partner lose the respect he or she had for you and then gradually lose the love for you also.
Also financial issues such as loosing ones job or breakdown of ones business mostly on the part of men may lead to the break up of a relationship. Sometimes some women leave their husbands because some source of benefit has ceased.  This may also be as a result of some form of influence from friends without realizing it. Comparing someones relationship to yours is one mistake most individuals do that end up jeopardizing their relationship. That is why the society sees to believe women only have love for material things which I seem to disagree because there are still some good women out there.
Finally, social media is taking over our lives in this modern and technological world in the name of socialization. ” Blind date ” is very rampant in this 21st century. People tend to date just through the exchange of pictures and call it love. How can such a relationship last if after meeting each other your expectations for one another was not met?
Aside all these, there are other relationships that ends up in marriages and last forever. Just study each other and avoid littlr mistakes that break down a relationship. Fall in love with both the physical and inner being so that even if there is a change in the physical appearance, love will still reign.


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