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Are Miss Ghana girls being pushed on “SPONSORS”


Have our Miss Ghana 17 contestants become escorts/prostitutes? This is a very serious question Ghanaians should take seriously. Well they say there is no smoke without a fire, these questions are definitely coming up as a result of certain reasons. Please read this from a sources within the Miss Ghana have shed light on some of the activities of these girls and decide for yourself. It started as a harmless, fun filled pageant as weeks passed, the real issues started. These young, jobless girls where asked to buy shoes at a cost of 50 pounds per one and where asked to buy 2 of these shoes making 100 pounds(only pounds was accepted). Which were to be sold by the organizers themselves, 100 pounds is equivalent to 600 Ghana cedis or more. How were these girls expected to come up with such money.

They were later on asked to buy makeup despite the fact that they already had their makeups and again this makeup was going to be sold to them by the organizers. The costs where in 100s of cedis. The girls were then asked to buy over four dresses for different occasions and with the class of dresses asked to buy, even 200 cedis can not get the cheapest kind. My question is how do they expect these young beautiful girls to fund all these expenses. The next fold of activities was visitation to “sponsors” of the event. They were dressed in tight short body fitting dresses and sent to a restaurant which is claimed to be one of the sponsors were there was an ongoing party.

The girls were made to grace the occasion in the mouth watering dresses, at the party only “gentlemen of class” could be seen present, who from inside sources made attempts to grab and touch these girls who were asked to dance in their midst to the entertainment of the guests. (I am sure these men had daughters the same age they probably had locked at home safely). Then there was the visit to a place none other than a casino also claimed to be a “sponsor”. These girls on the first visit where made to make a short video for a program the casino will be hosting within the week.

They were later informed that they will be acting as call on hostesses at the very same program which took place at midnight and closed almost 3 am and were suppose to take that opportunity to convince “the men” who happen to be total strangers to donate dollars in their individual names and the least amount that could be donated was 20 dollars, sources have it that girls were even able to get strangers to donate thousand dollars and above just within a night. A very high political figure was even caught on camera at the casino donating dollars and it is alleged he has a “side- chick” amongst the contestants. Since when were funds raised at casino’s at midnight parties?

The next activity was to convey these girls to Ada for the weekend for a beach party where FUNDS were to be raised again, my take is that it is definitely not the people of Ada who are to raise the so called funds needed. Definitely our “super- rich who are to grace the occasion with a very nice weekend throwing money if they see “what” they like. These are just a few happenings that had to be brought to light by people living this beautiful night mare. My suggestion is that if you have a daughter, sister, niece, fiancée, whatever relation it may be. Better find out what is really going on behind closed doors. It might prove futile because they have been warned and made to sign secrecy oaths and so on and face outright dismissal if caught shedding light on some of these activities to the public. || By:KwameBoateng/



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