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Featured: Stop the ‘Politricking’

                                 Stop the ‘Politricking’

It’s amazing how we make instant heroes out of people who ordinarily do not deserve that status. Yesterday,  I saw pictures of the arrest of Koku Anyidoho, a deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and later a press statement on his comments by the Information Minister trending on social media. I knew instantly that he’s on his way to the hall of fame. The gentleman in question has never been bereft of such highfalutin statements anytime the opportunity avails itself. It’s been so since the days of late Prez Atta-Mills. He veers off an important national discourse into sheer shenaniganry and the entire state falls for it. So, I’m approving his unfortunate comments? Certainly not! His comments are unfortunate, irresponsible and condemnable in no uncertain terms. Does his comments constitute treason? Certainly not! My readings of article 3(3)(a & b) of the constitution does not suggest so at least, from the layman’s perspective. The requirements of that article is far more than his comments. That’s why I believe he doesn’t deserve the platform of being elevated to the status of an instant national hero. We have instantly put him on the agenda for discussion nationwide and he’s enjoying free and quality air time and space instead of focusing on the Ghana-USA military agreement that threatens our very sovereignty.
The conduct of the CID over this matter has called to question the professionalism of the police service and the need to allow the police service  itself to see to appointments of its top hierarchy to ensure its independence. The timing, place, how and the general manner in which the arrest was done left so much to be desired. Little wonder therefore, that some people are impugning stage management by some political elements. Whether it was done to impress the Akufo-Addo led govt or indeed influenced by some unseen political powers, it didn’t do the image and reputation of the police service any good. The police at this point should have known it all because they’ve been through this cycle over and over again. The actions or in actions of the police in this matter has left in its wake some collate damage to some innocent Ghanaians.
It’s become absolutely imperative to avert our minds to the evolution of a subculture of people massing up at certain points in solidarity with one political figure or the other facing lawful processes of the state. It’s not helping at all because it gives crime political colouration and dilutes the substance of the issues involved. It’s a bad culture that doesn’t help the growth of our institutions. It’s usually led to some disruptions and casualties. The political class is misleading us and it appears we’ve blindly bought into it. The national interest should be higher than any parochial interest in the state.
Gradually some of our important political institutions are falling into political moribund. I’m struggling to see the impact and relevance of our National Assembly  to our development trajectory. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) and NDC have turned that institution into a political field, taking hard-line stands against the interest of the state. We ignorantly refer to them as the people’s representatives when in reality they are the political parties’ representatives. They think everything political party and think nothing in the interest of the people. Every issue that appears before them has a political colouration and so it’s determined as such. If they’re in power it’s okay but as soon as they’re out of power they cry wolf. I’m extremely disappointed about the quality of work done and agreements they drag the people of Ghana into. I hope my statement isn’t contemptuous to the dignity of the parliament of Ghana. Please my little plea is that members of this August House should think Ghana first. Members shouldn’t use their transitory majorities to drag all of us into dubious agreements. If these institutions are failing to live up to expectations, we the people on whose behalf they are acting must rise to the occasion to defend our collective interest as a people through citizens activism.
But what’s the genesis of all this brouhaha? The so called Ghana-USA military agreement (2018). I’ve heard some analyst try to compare the 2018 agreement to some other similar agreements in previous years. I’m not privy to those documents for detail interrogation and conclusion but whatever form the agreement is, I expect the powers that be to do a thorough costs/benefit analysis of the agreement to ensure that we aren’t short changed as a state. Of significance to me is the collateral damage that comes with the agreement and not the monitory or technical support. fortunately we’ve the benefit of other states that have or have had similar agreement with the USA and the impact it has had on their lives. We don’t have to reinvent the wheels on this matter. Two vexatious issues of that agreement are the immunity of American security agents and the unfettered access to our state. It’s these that have engaged the curiosity and attention of the Ghanaian people and one expected that the powers that be will engage and incorporate public opinion of the good people of Ghana in ratifying the agreement. why this speed to ratify the agreement when it appears public opinion weighs against it. Why not that speed for the RTB? Mortgaging our sovereignty to the Americans is a betrayal of the toil, struggles and the blood that went into the fight for independence. It’s a betrayal of the very beliefs of the state. A betrayal of the trust the Ghanaian people have reposed in the powers that be. The govt should never allow itself to lead the people of Ghana into lopsided agreements. || ‘By: Amicus Erny Edu Azu  || Stop the ‘Politricking

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