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What to Do if She’s Not in the Mood


What is easier to accomplish: turn her on or ignore her mood and make your wish even clearer? What to do if a girl is not in the mood? This is a widely known problem, a plot for various soap operas and comedy movies. So much of talking, but it seems like all you always have is a back move. Any of the most experienced Don Juans will advise to retreat, not insist and save your soul. Maybe you know several personal methods, in addition, like biting her neck or palm the back of her elbows. Nevertheless, what if there is another way? Time flies and science forges ahead with it. Today will give you a complete guide on what to do when you’re in the mood and she is not. Well, let us be honest, you’re always in the mood.


Did you know that the fight between his and her libido is one of the most common reasons for the majority of arguments and then break-ups? However, only the very few men know a real key to the problem. Wondering how to get her in the mood? Talk! Usually, women also want sex almost as much as you do. There must be several reasons for such a strange behavior (And if this type of behavior is a routine practice, you’d better visit a therapist together). You have to speak and find out maybe she does not feel tuned when you initiate sex. What if she simply is afraid of tigers (and you always roar). Stop roaring then. This one requires your working on seducing. However, in most cases, you and your deeds are not even the cause.

Maybe another reason is less personal but still very spread. She truly had a tough day at work. She may need some nearness, but definitely not an intimate. You can lay on a bed hugging her, palming, but with no seducing aim. This is a great answer on how to get your wife in the mood?

It is an OK and does not depend on your attractiveness or desirability. The real Problem appears when you still try to be persuasive and do not care about your partner. What to do then?



Say NO to expressing dissatisfaction and rage

Do not let a “no sex regime” for today ruin everything you’ve built before. There is a very simple move that will demonstrate that you care and do not mind she does not feel this way tonight. Just ask, “Can I do anything to turn you on?” That is the best piece of advice from psychologists. Maybe she will suggest some foot massage as a price. Or some relaxing music. Or taking bath. Do not insist if she does not give you the response you’re dying to hear. Still, if there are any doubts in her head, your job is to gently (with the help of talking, not the tongue) dispel them. Admit you are defeated for tonight and never show the anger.


Another intriguing issue is how to seduce wife when she is not in mood. The retreat strategy will not obviously save you. However, scientists are sure that is the only method you can use at all. The biggest mistake is to leave everything as it is after she said “No” to you. The defeat is all you feel and the power and superiority are all she feels. If you stop at this stage, there hardly would be any doubt from her side next time. (Just imagine how many of these next times you will experience in your life.)

Your next phrase must be: “Another time then?” Yes, it sounds super silly. However, with these 3 words you demonstrate that (a) you accepted the fact nothing will happen tonight, therefore, there is no need to refuse you again and again and (b) you aren’t disappointed, but rather lick chaps in what will happen tomorrow or even day after tomorrow.

If you accept her desire not to have sex today, then she will be thousand times more motivated to bring you that pleasure next time. She will be an initiator, she will do her best to satisfy you because you showed you are ready to wait. Do it politely next time, without unnecessary pushiness and use the unpleasant situation instead of being a no-sex loser. Everything comes to him who waits, don’t they? || Via: || What to Do if She’s Not in the Mood

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