Christensen offered to Barcelona by Dad


Andreas Christensen’s father, Sten, has admitted that Chelsea does not appreciate his son,  after helping them to win their 2nd Champions league.
This comments came after his son was involved in a swap deal to sign Inter’s RWB Hakimi.

Christensen has play under 4 mangers at Chelsea after spending two seasons long loan at Borussia Monchengladbach.

If his situation doesn’t change in coming days, we’ll obviously schedule a chat with Chelsea and say: ‘Okay, what can we do for Andreas? Can we move him?’” Sten told Danish television.

“We definitely move him to a team that will appreciate him”. In recents years Christensen fathers has been in contact with teams like Barcelona and  PSG.

Barcelona has also been following his situation at Chelsea for two years now and they will be delighted to hire his service as he is young and has many experience under his belt.

We talk to the Chelsea board after the Euros to decide what is best for my son. We are not happy with his current situation at the club.

Chelsea board has to promise  to start using the promising centre-back on a regular basis or he will look for a move away from the club.



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